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Unexpected R&R

I had big plans for the last several days.  I had blog posts to post, friends to see, a job to do, and sewing to begin, not to mention cooking and gardening and taking time to be with friends!  But sometimes life doesn’t go the way we plan it.

And so it was this time.

It seems I contracted some crazy flu virus, and I can’t remember the last time I felt so bad (I actually asked hubby to put me out of my misery, but for some reason he wouldn’t comply)  🙂

And so….I have spent the last several days doing something I almost never do.


And because I have been trying to put a positive spin on things, I tried to look at being sick as a kind of unexpected R&R which I never would have taken otherwise , and tried to make the most of my time of rest.  (This was before, and after, the day I asked hubby to do away with me, I’m afraid in the height of things I was a bit beyond positivity.)

I have big things happening in my life right now.  I’m building a new business, getting ready for a new school year, working on a new website (!) and some exciting changes for the blog, too.  But to make it all happen, I need to take a little blogging break.  I wish I could say I had lots of great guests lined up to post here in the meantime, or that I had filed away several weeks worth of posts like I did last time I was on vacation (you never knew I was gone, did you?), but this time it’s going to be a complete break.  Well…except for maybe once in a while when I might pop in with a photo or two…. (or if you’re still curious about what’s happening in the garden I’ll still be posting on the Facebook page and would love for some of you to chime in too!)

I hope you all have a wonderful August!   


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This weekend I had the opportunity to stretch my sewing muscles, while at the same time doing some very necessary planning for my business.

The past seven weeks I have been involved in the Right Brain Business Plan Course and have loved this unconventional, visual, and creative way of diving into business planning.  (Check out the website if you’d  like to know more.)

After spending weeks in working through the steps of business planning, the final step is to bring everything together in a format that resonates with you.  (and artistic entrepreneurs have done everything from accordion books to mobiles to altered books.)  And just in case you  are wondering….no, this is not the type of plan you take with you to the bank! (although that is covered in the course as well.)

I had completely planned to put everything into a scrapbook-type format, and even bought a blank book to house it all, but at the last minute I changed my mind.

I am a sewer, after all.

So I started planning a book made out of fabric, instead of paper, that would incorporate all the elements in a way true to my business.   I discovered this page for inspiration and then I just let the rest develop out of my own imagination! 

Using felt for a base, I put to use my rusty embroidery and hand-sewing skills, and incorporated recycled fabric pieces, quilt cast-offs, and buttons and ribbon from my stash.

I love that feeling of trying something for the first time, that stretching and growing that happens when your brain has to solve new problems and think about materials in different ways.

All of the business elements are tied in or placed in pockets, so that they can be changed and updated as my business grows.

I think this is the perfect housing for my business plan, as well as a fun new way to experiment with sewing and fabrics.  I can definitely see myself making  fabric books or journals again!

How do you like to challenge yourself?  What new skill are you learning, or wishing you could learn?

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