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For as long as I have known my husband, he has talked about “One Day” going to Virginia and visiting the great Civil War battle sites.  Well, this summer we made that dream come true by spending 10 days in that beautiful state.

We both loved Virginia, enjoyed the warm weather, couldn’t get enough of the mountain views and appreciated the cobblestones and old charm of the small towns we visited. 

I loved the time we spent together, and I enjoyed expanding my historical knowledge, but I also must admit that I am not quite as passionate as Hubby about standing in historical battlefields and imagining where the troops were lined up and understanding the battle tactics of the generals.

And so, I gave myself a fun photography project.

While hubby immersed himself in history, and spent time getting “just the right shot” of the monuments and other places we visited,  I took photos from another perspective.

Meet Edwin.

Edwin is a small Canadian hippo who conveniently fits in a pocket or purse and who was ready for adventure in Virginia.  My task was to record his journey, and I must admit I had a great time finding creative spots for him to perch at the many places we visited.  And in the end, his photos are a fun and whimsical account of our trip. 

I can’t wait to put his album together.  And it was so much fun, that I think on our next trip (wherever and whenever that may be) this little guy will definitely be tagging along!

Anyone else have ideas for creating special vacation photos?

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A Few Cards….

I have sadly been remiss in taking pictures of the cards I have made.  I know I am going to regret this when I am looking for card inspiration and trying to remember what I have already done.  Here are a few that I did remember to snap photos of before popping them into the mail.

Although the stamp didn’t quite cooperate with me on this one I am very proud of the flower!  It’s made out of 6 circles punched out of paper and then folded and glued together.  I would definitely make more of these, they were fun!

Dad’s birthday. 

I forgot to take a picture of this card for my father-in-law but it seems that Hubby got an action shot of Dad reading his card.  I am quite proud of this one too.  The train photo stands out nicely on the brown cardstock and the dad paper across the bottom really finished it nicely.  I used the same paper across the bottom of the inside and Hubby wrote some really touching sentiments about his Dad inside.  We were very excited to see him open this one!

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My First Scrapbook!

After spending several years declaring that I was not AT ALL interested in scrapbooking, I was finally convinced to give it a try and, I must say, I really love it.  I love that it is a social activity (compared to all the time I spend sewing alone in my sewing room) and really look forward to my scrabooking date each week-end.   I have a wonderful scrapbooking friend who generously shares her space and all of her stamps and inks and punches with me.  We used to watch movies when we got together, but we would often spend more time talking than watching.   (Don’t you love friends like that?  They are truly a gift!)  Now we scrap while we talk (is scrap even a verb?) and I have to say that I am truly hooked.

I wanted to do something a little different with my first scrapbook (surprised?) so I decided to create a book of my favourite poems, and include with them photos of the places and people who inspired them.  It was really fun for me to read through my poetry and remember those four years of university and writing courses when I truly thought that maybe, perhaps, I might be able to make a living writing.    Here are a few of the pages:

My sweet dog who came to live with me at university for a year. 

My grandparent’s house – oh how many memories I have of being there with them.  If I can be half the gardener my grandmother was I shall be content. 

I am lucky to have spent time vacationing with two such wonderful people.  I miss you Gran and Gramps!

The poem on the right was written about my other grandfather, who we also used to visit in Florida. 

I’m pretty pleased for my first try!  And I’ve already started my next one…. 🙂

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