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Learning to Sew With Knits

One of my sewing goals this year is to sew more with knits.  I have made one knit top in my entire sewing career (such that it is) and was firmly under the impression that I really needed a serger to make anything turn out well.

Not so, my friends.  (Although, I still think I might want a serger…)

I read somewhere that you could sew a knit with a regular machine, no problem.  So I did.  I made a pajama top.  And then when that top kept suffering from ripped seams I did some extensive research (hello, Google!) and read that a zigzag stitch is the best one to use when sewing on a regular machine with a stretchy knit.  So back to the machine I went  and zigzagged away,  and so far so good.

So I decided it was time to expand my knit horizons and try to create something that I would wear out in public. (Brave, I know.)

And here is my finished knit masterpiece:

I used this pattern from Burdastyle.com and for $1, it was really a great pattern.  (I do have to mention though, that unless you like piecing together large numbers of 8.5×11 sheets of paper like a giant puzzle it really is worth it to have it printed on a large printer.)  I had a little trouble with stretching at the neckline, but other than that I love this shirt and am definitely going to make more!    There are also lots of great variations of this top posted on the website.  I think next time I will make mine with a higher neckline and then maybe try one as a hoodie?

Anyone else out there sewing with knits?  Do you have any tips or tricks to share?

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