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It’s quilting month at Sew, Mama, Sew!   As part of the festivities there is a quilt block sew-along with a new block posted every Monday.  When I first saw this week’s block I did what I always do with projects I want to try – I bookmarked it.  The sad thing is, I have so many projects now bookmarked that I never seem to get around to making any of them.  And no matter how hard I try to organize them in my favourites (folders and sub-folders and sub-folders of my sub-folders) I can never seem to find the tutorial I want when I am looking for it.  (If anyone knows a better way to organize these things PLEASE tell me.  I need some serious help.  Opening my favourites folder is a little like opening the kitchen junk drawer – the very idea of it stresses me out.)

Anyway, all that to say that I decided that instead of bookmarking it, and despite all the half-finished quilts in my sewing room currently, I would do something that I never do – I would make the block Right Now.

And I did!  (Sometimes I even surprise myself!)  I almost got stopped after my visions of a black, white and grey quilt were dashed when I discovered that I have absolutely no plain white in my stash (black, grey and cream just wasn’t going to do it for me.)   But I persevered and I am really happy with the final fabrics I chose.  And all but one of them is from my grandmother’s vast collection.  (yippee!)

So then the fun part.  Cutting the triangles, sewing them into squares, and then playing around with the endless variations of patterns.  This is one of the things I love about quilts.  I once wrote a book about how teachers can use quilting to teach their students math for one of my university classes  and I spent hours hand-drawing the numerous possibilities for each type of block (I’m a geek, I know….)  Here are only a few that my 16 sew-along blocks could create: (pardon the dark photos, it was night when I took these)


Diamonds 2

Triangles - Random

triangles - ordered

Hour Glass

Pinwheels - I love pinwheels.

There is something soothing to me about arranging and rearranging quilt blocks.  I don’t know why I love it, but I do. 

In the end, I chose the random triangles.  I liked the way it kind of dispersed the colour throughout the block.  And I liked that the triangles just got to be themselves, without combining into any other shapes.  Here it is, in it’s finished glory: I can’t wait for next Monday to find out what the next square will be!

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Pajama Party!

pjparty_buttonI’m just in time for the Pajama Party!  This month Sew, Mama, Sew was hosting a pajama sew-along.  As I needed some new winter PJs and had just bought some beautiful blue flannel on my last trip to PEI, I figured this would be the perfect thing to kick my butt into gear and get mine made (before the snow flies!).  Well…perhaps it was a little ambitious of me to take on another project during the first few weeks of school, during garden harvest season, and after already taking on some new sewing projects, but I hate to miss a deadline so…just in time…my finished pajamas!!  DSC01297

Both the pants and top are made from McCall’s patterns.  The bottoms are from a PJ pattern, but I wanted a top that wasn’t made from flannel, so I found a shirt pattern I liked and…for the first time ever….I sewed something using a knit!!!!  After avoiding knits because I thought they were difficult to work with (memories of home-ec class and a stretched-out T-shirt), I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to sew.  The shirt was a little shorter than I would like, so I added a band of the flannel on the bottom to make it longer and to tie it in with the bottoms.  I still felt that the top was a little plain, so – another first – I hand embroidered some paisley-type shapes on the sleeves to match the bottoms.  DSC01316 All in all, I am really pleased with my new PJs and can’t wait to hop into bed tonight!  I know the pictures are a  little dark, but what better place to think about warm pajamas than on a cool fall night?  Pajama Party, anyone?

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